Video Dance


A unique video dance collaboration with photographer and director Adi Alexander.


Dancer and choreographer: Haddas Eshel

Photography, direction and editing: Adi Alexander

Music: Alt J

Special thanks to Debbie Eshel

Between The Walls

A video dance collaboration with director Oren Afias for his short movie - Between The Walls.


Dancer and choreographer: Haddas Eshel

Photography: Elad Gutman

Music: Gilad Lazovsky

Director: Oren Afias


A 1 minute challenge video dance with fellow dancer, director and photographer Nitzan Argaman. Shot in the Technion University in Haifa. 


Dancer and choreographer: Haddas Eshel

Photography and direction: Nitzan Argaman

Music: Kendrick Lamar

Editing: Haddas Eshel