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Premiered in June 2018, Kelim Choreography Center in Israel.

A body-mind dialogue looking to be genuine with momentary intentions and interest. 
Dancer and choreographer: Haddas Eshel
Music: Mika Vainio
Artistic director: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

Performed in -
- Wicklow Screendance Festival in Bray, Ireland, October 2018.
 - PlastForma Festival in Minsk, Belarus, February 2019.
- The Israeli Spring Festival in HaSimta Theater, May 2019.
- WID Conference in Philadelphia, US as part of the selected choreographers panel and showcase
- Anima Mundi Festival during the biennale in Venice, Italy, October 2019. 
- Craft Choreography in Vienna, Austria, February 2020.
- ImproDance Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, June 2022.
- Tanz.Tausch Festival in Cologne, Germany, August 2022.

Photo credit: Amir Mazor

Photo credit: Amir Mazor

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