Channel 3

Premiered in June 2019, Kelim Choreography Center in Israel.

A piece for 3 dancers researching the non-human formats of touch, of being triggered by the search for various contact forms, textures and options. 


Choreography: Haddas Eshel

Dancers: Yve Gesser, Lior Burstein, Haddas Eshel

Music: Christoper Hobbs

Artistic director: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

Costumes: Dor Dov Tulchinsky 

Performed at the IntimaDance Festival in Tmuna Theater, June 2019.

Showcased at the Process & Talk Program in Suzzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, November 2019. 

_DSC5247 Photo by Efrat Mazor.jpg
_DSC5125 Photo by Efrat Mazor.jpg